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July 18, 2006


This is the tenth year of my ten-year plan for changing careers, from business to academia.

We had initially planned to stay in China through the end of 2006, but we will instead return to the U.S. on August 8 (a "good luck" day -- double 8 -- in China). I have a half-time job as adjunct History lecturer at Morningside College in my hometown, Sioux City, Iowa. The location of the job was a surprise. I happened to be at the right place (that is, contact the right person) at the right time. The other viable option was piecing together a series of one-class adjunct jobs at various colleges and unviersities within a one-hour drive of Kansas City.

Discussions are in progress, but it appears that I will also continue working a few hours a day for Harlan, "telecommuiting" between Kansas City and Sioux City -- perhaps selling to customers in the Sioux City area. The teaching job is just what I need (along with the Ph.D. I should get by the end of the year) to fill out my curriculum vitae and energize my search for a full-time teaching job. There are only two negative things about the job. First, it is more likely that Terry will find a decent job in Kansas City, in which case we will live apart for a year. Second, if Morningside likes me and has a full-time opening, w will be conflicted, because Terry didn't like living in Sioux City the last time she did it. I've promised not to impose Sioux City on her, no matter what! Anyway, getting a full-time offer is a long-shot anywhere. It depends, first, on there being an opening; second, on beating out all the other candidates.

-- Norty

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