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April 07, 2006

airport efficiency

One of our bags didn't arrive at the Shanghai Pudong Airport when we did, but the Airport staff resolved the problem smoothly.

We check three bags on Midwest Airlines in Kansas City, all the way through to Shanghai, with a transfer to Northwest Airlines in San Francisco. Fog in SF delayed our first flight by an hour, living a little under two hours for the luggage transfer in San Francisco. We think that cause the problem. Anyway, when we arrived in Shanghai, I went to a Luggage Claim counter. A young man immediately located the bag ("still in San Franciso"), filled out a form for me to sign, and said the bag would arrive in Shanghai the next day and someone would deliver it to us in Nantong. He also gave us a $25 discount coupon for a future Northwest flight. We received a call the next day, and the following day someone delivered the bag right to our door. (The delivery man rode a inter-city bus to Nantong, then took local buses to our apartment. Terry and I were really impressed by the efficiency with which the airport people solved the problem.

- Norty

Posted by now at April 7, 2006 05:07 PM