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February 02, 2006

Pizza Hut comes to Nantong

Nantong had 2 MacDonalds locations and (I think) 5 KFCs when Terry and I arrived. When a new front was revealed for the totally rennovated Nantong Department Store at the beginning of 2006, we realized that Nantong now also has a Pizza Hut.

Every time I have passed by on my bus ride home from work, I have seen a line of dozens of people snaking onto the sidewalk. If the crowd thins out in a month or two, we'll give the new Pizza Hut a try.

Actually, I'm more interested in the new Da Nang Shuijiao (Old Auntie's Jiaozi, or Dumplings) that has an equally flashy new front on the west side of the building, to balance Pizza Hut on the north. Jiaozi are sort of like ravioli, but plumper. They are stuffed with various combinatins of meat, vegetables, and egg. The vegetarian jiaozi are delicious. There appear to be dozens of branches of Da Niang Shuijiao, must in Nantong, but this is the only one with an upscale appearance. So, we're curious to see what it looks like inside. Stay tuned.

- Norty

Posted by now at February 2, 2006 10:59 AM