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August 27, 2005

Author's Time Out

I am shifting into dissertation mode.

My research is nearly complete. I hope to write a draft of my Introduction and get a start on Chapter One during the China National Holiday, the first week in October (of which the Jewish New Year consumes a small piece). I need to finish the dissertation sometime in the Spring of 2006. I will also be busy coordinating the start up of a new factory in Nantong, which my company has decided to launch. With these two priorities in mind, I am shutting down most discretionary activities. I've "retired" from teaching English to neighbors' and vendors' kids and suspended my Monday evening "English Corner" for adults, as well as my own weekly Chinese lesson. I am entrusting Terry with the honor of keeping our Weblog and Photo Gallery passably up to date for the next 8-10 months. "Yihuir jian" (see you in a while). - Norty

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