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July 07, 2005

The Music of the Night

Last night Norty and I and two of our Chinese friends went to an outdoor "cafe" on the banks of the beautiful Hao He River in downtown Nantong.

The unusual thing about this place was that they had live music. There were four young guys (lead, rhythm and bass guitars and drums) who played both Chinese and Western music - from classical guitar stuff to Chinese and American folk songs to contemporary Chinese pop music to 60s & 70s Western Oldies. We really enjoyed it. Norty and I were trying to do a little matchmaking with our two friends, so we took them to dinner first and then to the cafe. The woman is a lawyer and the man is a pharmacist, and we think they hit it off pretty well. They both speak fairly good English, so we were able to have a nice four-way conversation. But, regardless of the success of our matchmaking venture, we intend to go back to this cafe just to hear the music.

I don't know if we've told you how lovely Nantong is at night. Central Nantong is really an island in the middle of the Hao He River. The banks of the river are beautifully landscaped, and at night the river is lit up with multi-colored neon lights. You can rent a small power boat and take a cruise all the way around the island - a very pleasant trip on a nice night. The cafe we went to is in a nice spot on the river right across from the Yo Fei Hotel - Nantong's new 5-star hotel. Very pretty.

Classes are over for me until fall, so I'm enjoying being a woman of leisure. Norty, as usual, is working his tail off. Between work, dissertation and studying Chinese, I don't know when he finds time to breathe. I suppose it's a good thing he's never needed a lot of sleep! We're looking forward to seeing Travis at the end of July for a whirlwind tour of China (north of the Yangtze, anyway). Ricky (Kronick) is coming in August to teach English at Nanjing University for a year - we're meeting him in Shanghai for a bit of touring before he moves into his digs in Nanjing. Then it's back to teaching for me. I think this will be my last semester teaching, however. Next year looks like it's going to be very busy, so I think I'd just as soon leave my time free.

Later, alligators.
Love, Terry

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