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December 30, 2004

Snow in Nantong!

We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow!

We have been assured by all our Chinese friends that it almost never snows here, and, when it does, it doesn't stick. Well, I guess "almost never" isn't quite the same as "never", is it? I dread going out later today. I don't imagine that Nantong drivers have much experience driving in this kind of weather, so it's probably going to be pretty scary (it's scary enough in good weather).

I feel sorry for the really little Chinese kids when the weather is like this. Their mothers bundle them up so they can hardly move - except for their little bare bottoms! The Chinese method of potty training is to put babies into pants with a split seam in the crotch - no diaper, no underwear, no nothing! If they are outdoors when they need to go, they just squat wherever they are and go. In American cities you have have to watch out for dog poop; here, it's baby poop! I wonder if the Chinese ever say "it's so cold, the babies are sticking to the pavement"? Anyway, I'm sure that having to bare their butts and squat in the freezing cold is a good incentive for the kids to become really trained so they can begin wearing three layers of clothing on their lower halves like everyone else. BTW: In case you wonder how the potty training thing works indoors, Chinese babies are carried around by someone all the time and the adults seem to be pretty good at knowing when the babies need to go, so whenever the babies give the signal, whoever is carrying them just pops them on the potty, et voila!

Hope everyone is planning a great New Year's Eve. Don't know what we're going to do. Norty and I were both sick as dogs the first three days of this week, and we're still not 100%, so we cancelled our planned weekend in Shanghai. Perhaps we can find something relatively sedate to do here. Love to you all.
-- Terry

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