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November 12, 2004

Two weird fruits and a fruitcake

We have discovered two amazing new fruits here.

The first kind must actually be some kind of grapefruit. The taste is very similar, even though these are a lot less juicy than ordinary grapefruit, but you wouldn't believe how big they are! Imagine a grapefruit on steroids - some of them are about the size of a soccer ball! You peel them like an orange and eat the sections, but each section is the size of a medium banana. At the other extreme are little tiny oranges that you can eat whole, peel and all. The peel is very sweet, but the inside is really sour. Altogether a strange taste sensation.

The other thing we discovered recently is a totally crazy person who is, sad to say, an American. Somehow he managed to get a teaching job here. I guess the Chinese aren't as adept at spotting insane people - or at least not insane Americans. Most of the other expats had already met this guy, but Norty and I had missed the dubious pleasure until we ran into him on the street last weekend. It actually took us a few minutes to realize that the guy is a charter member of the Reynolds Wrap Hat Society. The light finally dawned when he informed us that he has uncovered one of the great Secrets of the Universe but, thanks to a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Vatican, he has been unable to publish the earth-shattering book that will REVEAL ALL. Oy vey! While we were standing on the street corner with our eyes glazing over, I saw another Western couple coming down the street. They saw us with Crazy Dave and immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction! A good plan for the next time we see him.
-- Terry

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