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May 16, 2004

barber shops and restaurants

I got my second Chinese haircut this weekend.

This time the price was 15 rmb (a little under $2), compared to 20 rmb last time. At least the final tab was the same as the quote this time, but I think the fee was at least double the "local" rate. This is a small barber shop around the corner from our apartment. Before the young man who apparently owns the shop cut my hair, the young woman (maybe his wife) washed my hair and gave me a great head message. If it weren't for the loud music videos planning on the TV, I would go back. With the loud music, it was hopeless for me to try to carry on a conversation. So, I'll try another barbershop next time.

Ms. Jiang, our banker, invited our office group for dinner this past Friday evening. Our two friends from the local government, Mr. Cai and Ms. Zhou, were there, too. There are all nice people, so we enjoy these occasional outings. Also, Ms. Zhou has decided to become one of my English students. She will come every Monday evening, just as I wind up my session with a couple of young girls from the neighborhood. One especially nice thing about the dinner was that Ms. Jiang thoughtfully selected a restaurant in our neighborhood. The chef provided half a dozen tasty vegetarian dishes, and Gwen wrote down all the names for me, so that Terry and I can go back and order on our own. We have already done that at another restaurant that Ding Binbin introduced a few weeks ago for the Monday lunch to which I treat me local staff. Speaking of Ding Binbin, she and her husband invited everyone from the office to dinner in an upscale hotel Thursday evening. Wait a minute -- dinner out Thursday and Friday, then I cooked all weekend. I hope Terry doesn't forget how to cook. -- Norty

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