June 22, 2014

New York Vacation

Friday 5/16

A frustrating start to our trip.

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August 08, 2013

Summer 2013 East Coast Trip

We're off on another U.S. road trip.

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August 01, 2012

Journey to the East; or, Exploring the American Dream (summer 2012)

Our 37-day trip had three objectives: visit friends and relatives, “see the U.S.A.”, and choose a city for transition to retirement.

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January 13, 2012

“The Rastamahn is a good mahn.”

So said the snorkeling guide who took a photo of Terry and me with his friend (and our snorkeling guide), Vincent. Snorkeling in a shallow bay near Negril was one of our two outings during a four-day Thanksgiving break celebration, in Jamaica, of our 25th wedding anniversary. Vincent was a full-service guide. He picked us up at our resort (Sunset at the Palms), drove us to the bay, took us out in a small motor boat, equipped us with snorkels and masks, guided us through the bay’s beautiful underwater sights (fish, coral, etc.), and dove for a beautiful shell, which he later spent 10 minutes throwing against the sand to evict its hermit crab resident.

Our other outing was a trip to a tourist-only shopping mall, where we bought gifts for grandkids (and learned that the few native vendors resented the majority of South Asian vendors) and watch a beautiful sunset from Rick’s Café, a famous tourist destination. We wanted to take a “rum tour” at the Appleton Estate rum factory, but that would have involved a 2-1/2 hour drive each way.

We spent most of our time lounging either around the pool or on the beach. We bought an “all-inclusive” vacation, which meant that we could order drinks whenever we wanted (including at the beach) and eat as much as we wanted (at meal times). Probably not a great deal financially, since we don’t eat or drink all that much, but it was certainly convenient. There was a fair amount of good reggae music, and we danced to it when we could apply rumba, cha-cha, and jive routines from the classes we have been taking for the past couple of years.

A noteworthy feature of our time in Jamaica was the sunny weather – ranging from high 70s at night to mid-80s during the day, while temperatures were in the 40s and 50s back home in Joplin. We had so much fun that, upon our return, we investigated living and teaching opportunities in Jamaica, even contacted a thriving synagogue in Kingston. Alas, though Jamaica is a poor country, apparently living cost (with comparable quality housing) is higher than in most of the United States! All in all, it was a fun, restful vacation. It was Terry’s kind of vacation – getting away and doing little. She finally found a destination where I don’t have any friends or relatives! --Norty

February 01, 2011

winter vacation in Vietnam (and Cambodia and China)

We have both wanted for some time to see Vietnam, and we finally did it! [link to photos:]

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August 22, 2010

visiting the rainforest

We finally made it to the Seattle area to visit Paul and Joe.

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July 26, 2009

Trip to Israel, Palestine, & Jordan

In the grand tradition of Mark Twain (The Innocents Abroad) and numerous less famous Americans, we recently toured “the Holy Land.” Norty picked this as the year to make our long-desired trip, and Terry did the planning. [link to photos:]

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