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visiting the rainforest

We finally made it to the Seattle area to visit Paul and Joe.

The weather (lows in the 50s - 60s, highs in the 70s - 80s) was a nice reprieve for Terry from Joplin's summer highs of about 100 degrees. As for the skinny guy, I bought a Mexican-style pullover soon after we arrived. Paul and Jo had planned to take us on a tour of the penninsula, but since the forecast was for nearly constant rain, we toured Seattle for two and a half days, before driving to Shelton, where they live, and having dinner with Jo's mom, Beth. We saw Seattle's steep hills and interesting old archictecture, visited museums devoted to rock music, science fiction, and Asian Americans. We observed a lock in action, enabling boats of all sizes to travel between the (higher) Peuget Sound and a (lower) lake. Now were are really fired up to take a cruise through the Panama Canal. As part of the same outing, we observed salmon swimming up a man-made "ladder" through the canal, so they could spawn. Food was terrific, including an Ethiopian dinner and breakfast at Seattle's oldest restaurant. Terry is ready to buy a summer home in the area. It would be worth considering, if over time we see we could afford one.

- Norty