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January 25, 2009

visiting grandkids

We spent a wonderful two weeks from late December to early January visiting our four grandkids (and their parents).

First, we spent a week in Kansas City with Drew and Sam (and Inga and Noel), then a week in Tucson with Elliot and Allison (and Travis and Karen). We brought the kids' (great) Aunt Laurie from Sioux City to KC for a couple of days, and she enjoyed seeing Drew and Sam for the first time. In Tucson, we also spent some time with old friends Lloyd, Sarah, and Giora. Additionally, cousins Fruman and Marian were visiting a retirement condo they've bought in Tucson, and cousins Sam, Jean, and Maxine were there as well. (See photos in Gallery.) Elliot and Drew have become quite talkative. Younger siblings Allison and Sam seem to have calmer dispositions. Elliot is having a great time at his Jewish pre-school, and Drew is having a great time at his mom's home daycare. The only misfortune of the trip was (apparently) being infected with a virulent cold by the Tucson grandkids. The cold hit us as soon as we returned to Joplin, and it took us over three weeks to recover. -- Norty