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December 10, 2008

Life in Joplin

Life in Joplin is good. We are renting a roomy house within a mile of the university, and the city has pretty much everything we need or want -- except for an Indian restaurant.

There is a small synagogue (actually, a Reform temple) that we have joined. The congregation is friendly, and a student rabbi comes in alternate weekends from her school in Cincinnati. A local entrepreneur runs both a second-hand bookstore and a whole foods / Asian foods grocery store. The public library is small but convenient. (See photos in Gallery.) Terry commutes from the breakfast table to her home office down the hall, and I usually bike to work, unless the roads are icy. I like my colleagues, and we have met some of our neighbors. The only negative thing about Joplin is that it is really windy most of the time. MSSU has put tenure-track hiring on hold, so the question now facing us is how long we will stay in Joplin. It appears that my department will keep me for a while with another one-year contract. -- Norty