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October 12, 2006

on the road again

We've been busy! Thus, the first few entries will constitute a "flashback" over the past ten weeks since Terry and I left China and return to the United States.

Some readers may be familiar with our previous weblog, "Road to Shangahai." For the two years and eight months of our stay in China (through 8/8/2006), Terry and I kept an intermittent record of the highlights of our adventure in China -- mostly in Nantong, where we lived and worked. When we gave the first weblog a title, we actually expected to move to Shanghai after a year in Nantong. We had a wonderful time without doing that, however. In fact, in the end, we were glad we hadn't moved to Shanghai. In this case, we are more consciously joking. Like the script writers of the Hope and Crosby "road" movies, we know we will not end up at the nominal destination. We hope that, as with our recent adventure in China, the search for a somewhat permanent academic home will likewise be more gratifying that a teaching job at Harvard. Again as with the previous weblog, we plan to maintain a more-or-less corresponding Photo Gallery. We will probably maintain the same division of labor -- Norty doing most of the writing, Terry posting most of the photos. Stay tuned.
-- Norty